Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Time to stop hiding from my blog

So I started this thing to try and keep track of the things I was doing, but it turns out, I do a lot of things.And if I had to actually blog them all, I probably would do less of them. So instead this blog kind of joined the box full of scrapbooking supplies I've been hiding from for years, while the list of things to include just got longer and longer.....

Among other things, this blog was supposed to detail the things I sewed, but then I haven't been doing too much of that. But then I got this

I'm debating taking my old one out into a field and re-enacting Office Space

I know, BEST THING EVER, right? A machine that can handle more than two layers of quilter's cotton without the tension going all to hell sending me into a psychotic rage. (Which is good, cause I can really only handle like one or two of those an afternoon.) She's a Bernina in case you couldn't read it.

And then I started working on the long needed doublet to go with Andrew's slops, which reminded me why I sew in the first place (ok, actually that's because I don't wanna pay someone else, but this next part is a close second). Stepping away from my usual school, work etc and focusing on a nice little project is calming and and makes me feel like I can accomplish things. It enhances  my calm.

Using the same Margo Anderson pattern as for the pants, a few things are clear to me- mostly the fact that she was totally not prepared for someone with Andrew's broad Norwegian shoulders who wasn't also morbidly obese. However three mock-ups and absolutely *no*-panic-attacks-thank-you-very-much-later (really!), I seem to have a nice fitting pattern.

...I also may have learned I *probably* shouldn't do a fitting on my second Sunday bloody mary....but that's neither here nor there.....

Anyway,once I had it fitted, the pieces pretty much came nicely together into this

Doublet-y goodness

Those are sleeves and shoulder treatments hiding in the back there

Just need to sew on the trim, sew the shoulder seams, cut out the lining for the sleeves and sew those together, add trim to that, attach the collar, cutout the peplum, sew the lining into that, attach it, add trim to all that, attach the sleeves, figure out how I'm gonna do the front closures, sew on buttons, and probably add some more trim to something else I haven't mentioned......so practically finished   :-P


  1. Ok, this is probably too late for this project, but at Costume Con a few years ago (when it was in San Jose) I took Kendra's "How to drape a bodice that fits like a glove" class. I saved the notes and it wasn't all that difficult, so when you have a few spare minutes (right, huh?) I'll show you and you can make a basic, fitted pattern for him that you can use as a starting point and adapt from there.

  2. Yeah this one is pretty together, however I would *love* it if you could still show me how to do that. I would love to be able to do it for *me* :-D