Thursday, April 19, 2012

Country Music-gasm

Loretta Lynn and Miranda Lambert

I love country music, I do. Not Toby Keith with his insane 'Loving America means hating everyone else and never using your critical thinking skills' nonsense, but the kind of stuff that comes from deep in the soul and makes you feel glad to be alive and able to deal with the pain that often comes with it.I love classic country, I love the stuff from when I was in high school- when I owned every Dixie Chicks CD and was jealous that Natalie Maines wasn't from California, and I love the stuff Miranda Lambert, Braid Paisley and so many talented musicians and singers puts out today. When I was in high school and someone was trying to shove Britney Spears and a cadre of soulless, talentless pop stars who were created in a marketing department down your throat every time you turned around, country was one of the places you could find artists with real talent who had something to say.

If you think you don't like country music, seriously type these ladies into Pandora and listen to what comes up for an hour or so. You might be really surprised.

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