Monday, April 16, 2012

Doublet Update

The doublet looks ever more doublet-like. It has shoulder seams and  treatments and trim and everything now! The sleeves are also sewn together, though I haven't sewn up the ends yet- still debating how to attach them to the doublet. The pattern calls for the usual D rings and ties, but to my knowledge this has since been declared a fair-ism and is not St. George approve-able. 

The only real issue I have had so far is the collar. The back of it is part of the back piece of the doublet,  and then you are supposed to add two bits on the front sides. All of this rather than just make one piece and sew it on. I think it's way more period this way, since I know those Elizabethans loved to  make the most of every piece. And hell, it seemed easy theory....

 Several ripped and resewn seams later, I declared victory;

Well, I vanquished it, anyway. 

I don't think they're gonna kick him out if his collar is one single sewn on piece........

For those of you keeping track from my last entry, I have so far typed a grand total of 3 pages on my total.  I REGRET NOTHING!!!!!!!


  1. If you want to do it a more period way, do hand-bound eyelets at the top or inner lining edge of the sleeves, then do more hand bound eyelets in a strip of canvas and sew that into the shoulder. Then come see me and I'll give you enough cord to make tied points for them all. :)

  2. Hmmm....the one time I tried hand sewn eyelets many years ago, I managed to f* up the back of a dress I had just spent a week making.....not to say I shouldn't try again, I'm just a little wary.....