Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I just tried to very politely give a group of people my opinion on something: I am a vegetarian. I have been for over 12 years. I do not get up in people's faces about it, I do not yell at them for eating meat. I have many good reasons for my decision, but I also realize there are many good choices I do not make. I am totally respectful of the decisions of others, all I ask is to be respected in return.

People love, love, LOVE to make fun of vegetarians. Often it is as a cruel response to a perceived weakness "Oh, you care about bunnies? let me try and exploit that by talking about how great killing bunnies is." However more frequently it is not so overtly malicious. There is the image of the 'crazed vegan' yelling 'Meat is Murder'' at you, and people love to make fun of it. Then they transfer that to anyone who doesn't eat meat. They stand proud of the fact the kill bunnies and cows for their food (for the record, I have significantly more respect for anyone who has actually kept and slaughtered an animal and actually knows what they are talking about). Vegetarians and Vegans are just sooo much fun to mock. I mean, what's funnier than someone with a conviction whose actually walking their talk, right?

Let me be really clear. I am NOT writing this to tell you all why you should be vegetarian or vegan. If you want to know why I believe it is a good choice, ask me in person and I will be happy to talk about it. I made this choice long ago, and I am satisfied with it. I try to set a quiet, respectful example to others. If nothing else, I control my particular influence on the planet. I generally do not engage in any of these conversations, I let it go. But lately I'm just getting a little tired of it. What the hell is so threatening about me making a choice you haven't? Why do you need to pounce on me?  If I respect you, why can't you do the same to me?


  1. It makes me very sad that people don't treat your convictions with the respect that they deserve. I can certainly say from my personal experience with you, which has involved many meals, that you are one of the easiest going Vegans that I know and have always been very tolerant of my omnivorous nature.

  2. Thanks Nathan. I may be overreacting. I'm certainly not responding to any attacks on me personally, just an attitude that for some reason is starting to bug me. I guess I'm just hoping if I stand up and say 'hey, FYI, this nice quiet sane girl over here? I am the thing you are making fun of, and I respectfully point out that I don't appreciate it." Maybe folks will think better of it in the future.

  3. I often think that when people laugh at me or make fun of my choices (like vegetarianism) they are dealing with the guilt that they feel. And then I feel bad for them and great for myself because I know that my choices are more sustainable, compassionate and healthier.

  4. You are so kind and evolved Aisha. My thought is always 'if you have problems with your choices, make different ones. Don't take it out on me."

    I will try and look at it your way in the future :-)

  5. People are aggressive when they feel they are not as evolved or as strong as someone else. You are obviously strong to make such a drastic decision in your day to day life - And you are also amazing. Others suck; I suppose that may be the best message. You keep on doing what you're doing you awesome girl.