Saturday, January 5, 2013

On the Road...or desperately trying to be.....

So, here I am, in KY. Feels like I should have done something to document this epic adventure, but at the time we were mostly just trying to get through it. But I suppose a quick longish recap is in order.

Our original goal had been to take off by the morning of Dec 27th, get back here by the 30th, drop our stuff, spend a night in our own place, then head to our friends' place in Ohio for their legendary New Year's festivities. And what a lovely plan it was. You may now laugh accordingly at our hubris :-P 

First of all, it soon became clear that taking off on the 28th would allow for more packing and cleaning time. We were also pushing off family xmas festivities at Chateau Marmoset since The Sick (tm) had already begun taking its nasty toll. As luck would have it, it hit the Empress and myself first. This was in fact very lucky, because while I spent Christmas, boxing day and the 27th in a feverish haze (ok, xmas was a feverish/drunk haze....), Brian was actually able to get the car loaded. I truly wish we had thought to take a picture. It was a freakin' masterpiece of boy brain tetris-y goodness. 

Now, according to The Plan (tm), we should have been done with SF at that point, except that by evening there was still stuff we were gonna have to mail, the attic hadn't been swept, and Mr. Cushing was clearly beginning to descend into his own unfed/sick haze. 

That night we were given soothing restorative booze and noms by the Empress and Consort. We went and slept down at the Colliers since leaving a car full of all my worldly belongings in the upper Haight overnight didn't exactly seem like the *best* of all possible ideas.... The Plan (tm- you may now be addding your own laughtrack everytime you come across this term) was to wake up ungodly early, dash *back* up to SF for the last of my stuff and some cleaning, have a quick brunch with Jocelyn back in RWC, hit the road by noon, and Arizona by midnight!

Go on, laugh all you want, we deserve it. I'll just wait. 

You good? you sure? ok then. 

Next Morning: grooooannnn, *hack*....*crackle of joints*...

"Honey......... I don't think we should drive across the country today...."



Anyhow, this post has already become very long and has included absolutely no fun pictures of any kind. Because we were too tired and harried to take any. So instead I'll just leave you with this picture I recently dug up from the Liebert/Waterman Apartment days of me and the Awkward Turtle. Because yeah. 

To be continued....unless I get bored, distracted, or sleepy....


  1. I'm looking forward to the details of each day's odyssey across the flyover states.

  2. That may just degenerate into a short montage of the three pictures we remembered to take- all of which revolve around drinking in various motel rooms along the way.

  3. Missed you last night at PEERS, but I'm glad you're safe in the new place. I expect a virtual tour once the boxes are unpacked. ;)

  4. Missed you all a VERY great deal. *hugs* May be awhile till all the unpacking is done..we are kinda wiped out at this point :-P