Monday, January 21, 2013

Ask and I shall receive!

Wow, from 14 to 20 followers in two days- thanks guys! I do post things here that don't get put up on facebook- book reviews, recipes, random ramblings, etc, so do check back.

And if you aren't too familiar with Blogger, that redheaded stepchild of the Google family, remember you can set up a Google Reader page to see updates from all the blogs you are following, or if you have a blogger account, your homepage should do it. Otherwise a good old fashioned bookmark will do :-)

Also, if you are NOT already following this blog, please take a minute to go over to the blue button over to the right here ----------->>>>> The one that says 'Join this site", right above the pictures of the charming folks who have already done so, and join up. Thanks!

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