Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We've all heard the stats- Americans will use up one billion times more crap in their lives than some kid born in Africa or Cairo, there's a texas sized pile of plastic in the ocean, if you throw out a plastic bottle you've essentially hugged an oil selling terrorist-, and M Night warned us THE TREES WILL HAVE THEIR REVENGE!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, our apartment does not have recycling of any kind. Hell, at this point it doesn't even have laundry. But we want so, SO badly to be good and not fund terrorist trees, so we try, we really try. We try so hard that at any given moment the pile of 'to be recycled' is in fact taking over a good 15% of the place. There is, at present

- the second garbage can for cans-to be taken to recycling pod thing by store or on way to Hollister

-the trash can under the sink for glass bottle- same

-the plastic lined paper bag (oh, the irony) of yet MORE glass bottles-same

-the two large boxes of smaller boxes to be taken to ...i'm not sure where

-the paper bags full of paper bags- these may conceivably be left with our CSA on pick up day, though by now there are SO MANY I don't think they'd like me too much. Also one could theoretically take these to the store but can NEVER freakin remember and even if I did don't you think I'd use of the half dozen or so reusable bags I have collected over the years for this purpose

-the growing bag of plastic bags, also under the sink, to be taken to the drop off bin at Lunardi's. I cant afford to shop there, mind you, but they're nice enough to take my bags.

- on top of all thise there are usually a few 'odds n ends' of things we dont really know HOW to recycle but cant' bear to throw away - juice cartons, wine bottles (for some reason the recycle pod doesnt want them) floating around the counter tops and taking up room.

-also, I really feel I should be composting, but I've yet to find a good way to do that, and there is no room to store the damn stuff.


I forget, are *we* the generation our parents didn't save the Earth for, or is that the next one.......?

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