Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've toyed with starting a blog for awhile, if only because I think it will help me to stop an appreciate the moment- hence the current title. Grad school is racing by- I'm already halfway through my second semester out of four (if all goes well). I need to slow down and appreciate all the little pieces of the experience, along with all the other moments whiz banging past me. 

Still toying around with the layout here- the current picture is one I took at the Old Hall at Hardwick in Derbyshire last spring. At the time I was very much living in the moment- traveling, staying still, reading, drinking, breathing. It was an important time- I came out calmer, more grounded. Now I need to retain that grounding as I move through my current experiences. 

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  1. Looks like I'll need to set aside a few minutes daily to check here and read the "news".