Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tennessee Regency Project

So for anyone who does not know, about a year and a half ago my beloved Maggie ran off to Tennessee to be with an ax murderer this awesome guy named Albert. You can read even more about her amazing adventures here. I miss her dearly, but have enjoyed watching her amazing creations for the Colonial and Regency events they do out there. I have been wanting to make it out there ever since she left, and we have now decided that this must happen this fall, when they are planning a regency masquerade ball.

This means, of course, that I must add a whole new project to the sewing pile. I have a couple regency dresses I have put together for PEERS events over the years, but nothing I a really proud of, and certainly nothing that can hold a candle to the standard Maggie has set for California girls out there. Therefore I will start from scratch (well, mostly). Here is the list so far as I can think of it, but we will see how it grows;

  • Stays- Maggie found me a nice pattern online I need to order. 
  • Petticoat?
  •  Dress- I am looking at making one based off of this painting. Need to find fabric.Also the ability to drape. This would be much easier if I actually had a dressform....sigh......
  •  Gloves- need to order a nice opera length pair anyway for when I play Victoria 
  •  Fan- I have several, but we will see if these requires a new one :-)
  •  Shoes- I don't think I have anything really right, especially for an indoor event. 
  •  (Stockings- I have several that should do)
  •  (Bloomers/chemise- same. Not sure quite what the proper differences between victorian and regency might be, but I ain't gonna sweat it)
  •  Jewelry/other accessories
  •  Hair- this is a big one. I have done several different regency things with my hair in the past. I've even figured out how to tame it into amazingly laquered ringlets. But I've never really been super satisfied with any of it. Will have to do some research and play around. I'm probably just going to need to give in and buy some fake stuff to make it do impossible things. 

And yes, I do still have oh so many other things to sew between now and then. But it has been far too long since I have seen my dear Emily, and I miss her so!


  1. i am stupid excited and am here to help!

  2. It is going to be incredible!! Welcome to the world of George IV :)

  3. Once you've made it I sure hope you'll wear it to a BAERS event!

  4. @Brian- ah, dear 'Uncle King' as Victoria used to call him :-)

    @Alan- totally, must find any excuse having gone to the effort!