Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Penmanship 101

So since Miss Watterman informed me  I was no longer allowed to send her 'in character' emails, I started actually writing her letters. Which is when I remembered that my penmanship is terrible.The first letter I sent her looked like a fourth grader's history project, I swear. So then I got a package from TN, with an actual honest to god pen, and a book on penmanship. 

It's been awhile since I actually tried to write anything in cursive. I know that now they are dropping it from schools everyone who learned it gets to feel like we know this cool secret code. Of course it's not one I was ever particularly skilled at to begin with, but perhaps this exercise will improve me. It's certainly an entertaining use of time.

Early results are tentatively optimistic.

R's are hard, damnit!

(And yes, I did actually get some reading done last night.)


  1. I cannot recommend this stuff highly enough. It saved my ass when I actually had to write something long with a chisel nib dip pen. I'd buy a pad and practice on it daily. :)

  2. bookmarked for next Amazon order! You get me, Laura :-D