Thursday, May 31, 2012

Look What I Did!

Ok, so the doublet is now 99% finished! Which makes the whole outfit like 99.99% finished....and it only took me two years! All that is left to do is sew loops onto the sleeves to hook over the buttons. Also, I think after this weekend I will re-sew the snap tape (yes, snap tape, whaddya got to say about it?!) holding the front together, because it is showing just that teeny tiny bit that will drive me mad. HOWEVER, mostly, it is DONE. Here are some badly lit apartment shots, to be replaced by better in action shots over the weekend.

Master Thomas Gryphon. 
Wearing the livery of the Lord Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. 

This was the first set of boys clothes I had ever made. Having gone through it, I don't feel like it was too difficult. Of course when I look at the whole thing, I now see a million things I would now change, since I know better. However putting the crazy inner critic aside, I daresay he looks like a finely outfitted fellow, and I am rather damned proud of myself :-)


  1. as you should be!! it looks GREAT!!

  2. Remember, no matter how good the first one comes out, it's always the "practice" run. ;)

  3. I'll remember not to stand to close to him in order to avoid looking shabby in comparison.