Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Duelists - Mr. Wyatt and Mr. Newkirk

Mister Walter Wyatt is the oft forgotten younger brother of the heroic Captain Wyatt of the King’s cavalry. Walter currently resides in Sheffield, clerking for a minor law firm while recovering his finances after a series of debts and poor investments. Mr. Wyatt enjoys a good round of cards and fancies himself an ameteur politician in the affairs of France and America.

“People tend to confuse me for my brother William despite our significant gap in years. Not that it affects me in the slightest of course, I’m still lively as ever in body and spirit. Mother always doted on him, father preferred him in financial matters. I like to think of myself as an independent gentleman of sorts.”

“I admit I had a bit of an affair with cards for a few years, bad business. Regret my social standing isn’t as it was, but I manage now, had to pay my own way. I still enjoy a good game every now and then, a friendly bet, nothing more. If you’re looking for a real rascal try that blasted Newkirk. The man so drunk last time I saw him that couldn’t spell his own name."

Mr. Lee Newkirk comes from a minor branch of the Shropshire Lees. Mr. Wyatt and Mr. Newkirk have been seen in the same circles, and have even been sporting companions on occasion. 

Unfortunately, of late they have had a falling out over a game of cards. Mr. Wyatt believes he was cheated by Newkirk, however Nekirk refuses to even take the young man's complaint seriously.  His disrespect has lead young Wyatt to challenge him to a duel! 

Mr. Newkirk laughs at Wyatt's challenge.

Of course, such proceedings are highly illegal. However if you wish to observe, and make sure that the proceedings take place in accordance with the Code Duello, come to the Village Green at 1pm on Saturday. 

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