Sunday, December 27, 2015

Locust Grove Interpreters - a taste of the awesome

Trying to get myself blogging again, and the cheater easiest way is just to brag on the First Person Interpreters at Locust Grove. Ok, basically I just loved this picture so much I had to put it here.

Photo by Heather Rene of Fox and Rose Photography.

I really cannot brag on our cast enough, and this was just a wonderful example of the incredible talent and creativity everyone brings to this program. The two actors here portray Charles and Dr. John Croghan, the first generation born at Locust Grove. They were both nephews of General George Rogers Clark who spent the last years of his life at Locust Grove from 1809 to 1818. Both young men have done a great deal of research into the family and the period and trained and rehearsed tirelessly to turn that research into a natural, interactive performance for guests to Locust Grove.

Even though you can't see her, Heather also brings an amazing amount of talent as our cast photographer. I am really amazed at how she finds these little moments to bring to light.

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