Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekend productivity. Shocking, I know.

Today I finally tackled (half of) the ever growing, ever looming mending pile. It's been sitting there, in the corner, taunting me, as it ate my wardrobe, piece by piece. I think frequently the simple projects are the ones which get put off the longest. The 'oh, I just need to run a few stitches through it...." and cut to a year later, where I have sewn three ballgowns, but that 2 minute project where I sew three inches is still pulsating in the corner like the the Tell Tale To Do Item.

The breaking point was getting out of the shower on a Saturday morning and realizing that I had no jeans available without tears in them. So I put on the rest of my clothes (yes, this is a story where I sew without pants) and finally got to it. Once you start, it's freakin' exhilarating.

It's like going shopping, but for broke people!

The rest required buttons, which will require a trip to JoAnn's in the near future (read, you will be getting an update on the second part of the pile sometime in early 2014....right about the time it has redoubled to its original size....). 

In other sewing related news, the drawstring dress is 99.9% done. I just need to get some cord for the wristbands. I will do a final update with lots of pics then, but for now...

mmmm, yummy ruffly goodness.....

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