Friday, October 12, 2012

Summer Sewing Projects cont'd

So, going along with the 'I totally actually do things" track (which, ironically, helps distract me from actually doing la la!), this was the summer of handwork. See, one advantage to having previously mentioned handsome young man live two thousand freakin' miles away, and having to spend all of your couple time on skype, is that you have lots of time to work on those projects you would otherwise never get to. Like

Couching the grommets on a dress you made two years ago

Maybe next I'll get crazy and finish the inside of the arm holes :-p

and that blackwork project you've been meaning to get going forever

ok, this one actually came to faire too 

Photo by Laurie Tavan

So, there ya go. I do, in fact, do to stop blogging, get off the internet and actually go do some more of them :-P

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