Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Countdown to Valhalla- 10 Days to go

Ten days folks, in which I need to achieve the following;

Finish Andrew's slops
Make Andrew's doublet
Finish all minor repairs to my dress which I always forget about- mostly done
New bloomers, cause I like to spoil myself like that
New clasp on extra cape Maggie left for changeable Valhalla weather

I would also really like to accomplish 
new caul (read, first of any, dont' let the *new* fool you into thinking I'm replacing some preexisting garment)
Print out poems, songs, etc on reasonably period looking paper
Possibly research some home remedies and buy a reasonably period looking journal- I have this scheme where my character, being relatively newly married, could go around collecting remedies from the other married ladies. 

Oh, also I think I made some insane promises to myself about cleaning and organizing the apartment and exercising and things.... so, um, yeah... there's that .....

Since Born This Way just came out I'd say the soundtrack for the next ten days is already picked out.

Next steps, Go to the Motherf*cking bank like an adult*, then JoAnn's for trim and other livery supplies.

*Because this is my manifesto

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