Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer Sewing List

So even though 'my summer vacation' is a few weeks away, I can't help looking down the road. The current list is as follows

- help Andrew with his livery
- assist Laurie with new Queen Vic dress.
-caul and partlet for my nobles
-middle class or livery outfit for myself. I was originally gonna do a livery that I could lend to others, but oh man I am getting really tempted to make a middle class tudor outfit out of all the yummy rich colors of wool I see out there. Then again the twill for livery is super cheap :-p
-suffragette outfits for August PEERS- Laura and I are thinking something to do with dress reform, along with sashes and maybe signs. We'd also like to print out some pamphlets for full effect :-)
-bonnet for Dickens. I started toying around with this last Dickens, but didn't have time to finish it. I absolutely cannot find a pre-made bonnet which will fit all my hair, so I've got to make one from scratch. I took Alexandra's class during workshops last year and came away with all kinds of yummy ideas. Given the time, I could see myself getting into millinery- or at least adding it to the list of dilettante pastimes.

Also, going to go to Costume College for the first time with Laura, so I'm sure I will come back slobbering to start all sorts of new projects.

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