Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bib Front Dress Part II: Fitting and Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: Fitting and Asymmetry
Or, Not another learning experience! 

This is the second entry on this dress. You can read more here

The further along I go, the more I am realizing just how asymmetrical my body is. I knew my right shoulder slumped, so I asked Hannah to drape this on my left side where the shoulder is higher. Made sense at the time. 

Except I realized in this process that the left side of my bust is smaller. I realized this even fitting the mock-up where I could have taken a good inch more out of the left side, but the right looked fine.

Right Side- nice and smooth! 

Left Side- could take out almost an inch!

Luckily the seam allowance in the sleeve ate up a lot of the slack on the left, and fitting the shoulder straps helped with a lot of the rest.

Fitting on the body+ top-stitching= best thing ever. 

So the finished product fit my left side nicely.

However when I raise my arm the right side isn't big enough to keep from gaping with the skirt.


Actually, it really is a fixable issue. I've gotten better at pinning the front so it's harder for it to pop out (the key seems to be to really get the front straps *under* the bust). I can also add a hook and eye to keep it in place when I raise my arm, or maybe just an extra piece on the side bodice so it's longer.

SO- the moral of the story:

in future, I am going to drape on my right side, where the bust is bigger, and then I can just adjust the shoulders on the body to take out the extra bit on the right side. Makes perfect sense now, of course.

What issues have you run into with asymmetry? Let me know in the comments below!

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